Points of view

I am generally fascinated by intersections. If I draw the five different town walks into my map, the bus lines as well as the walk along the wall promenade intersect, and I arrive at five different intersections within the town center.

In my reflections, it is possible to put those intersections together again and to mix them up after, so the town can emerge freshly from a new point of view.

I also associate intersections with forms, surfaces and lines. Which is why I wanted to approach the intersections that I had drawn into the map in my own way one more time. I tried to make an abstraction of the photos I took. I managed to do that by (digitally) overexposing details, buildings and streets within the townscape. As a result, the town images were reduced to their surfaces, lines and forms in the photographs, and were thus abstracted. The reduction of the images to a play of forms and lines created a new town walk with a new point of view through Stendal.

Grant of the Künstlerstipendium der Hansestadt Stendal, Volksbank und H. und H.
"Exhibited in the Kunstkabinett Stendal in October 2019“
Kunstsammlung der Hansestadt Stendal