I was working in Marseille about the topics of memories and time and how to visualize a personal feeling of time through my photography. So I planned to work about the memory of places - like places that rapidly changed and to discover what remained of them as a memory in our imagination and what has been constructed there in the present time. Which stories can places tell about the past… how does the history of a place change the people who live there. The port of Marseille, I experiences it completely different when I came there several years ago and now it seems to be another place to me… I was very shocked what has become out of it, what was not at all the port I had in my memory. So the sequence was shot on film like rewinding it forward and backward to multi exposure the film. The impression that I tried to visualize is the sitting of people and looking backwards, (like in a train), the resting, to pause, to memorize, time travel, to go backward in time, the flashback of single pictures in a flow of pictures, in between, a certain to be present in the anywhere and anytime.

I followed up this idea during my artist in residency in Rauma. And tried to experiment there with the color white, the snow, and the memory....

ongoing work in process.

In support of artist-in-residencies of Dos Mares Marseille, France, Raumars, Rauma, Finland, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria, Filmuniversität Potsdam-Babelsberg Germany.