On trouve tout à la Samaritaine

When I visited the Samaritaine construction – the fact that amazed me the most was the different layers of the floor that were growing over the times. Like trees and like people buildings age. They are new and then the times leave their marks on them like on us. As older we get as more crinkles and marks of the times we get. On the life rings of a tree we can see the years along the rings and we imagine with each ring about what might have happened in these years.

I would like to create something similar to the life rings of a tree. And reveal the layers of the building by taking photos for each floor: From the 10th floor to the 1st floor.
One picture that represents the time that passed to me/ kind of a crinkle/ time ring of the building. And combine this photo with an advertisement slogan/ catalogue text of “La Samaritaine” of the last 150 years. Beginning from 1896- 2005. The catalogue texts present to me what happened over the years, the products they sold, fashions, zeitgeist and ideas of the times - combined with the photo of a crinkle/life rings of the time that passed.

Through the ambivalence of photo and text I would love to open a space to imagine different layered “life rings” of the building and what might have happened in the life of the building, like each crinkle of a face tells us a story of the person's life.

Pour les Grands Magasins de la Samaritaine, mai 2013
Collection La Samaritaine - Paris