Town Walk

Roaming through a town unknown to me, my own images of my first impressions are starting to form by taking a fresh look at the new surroundings. The longer I live there, the more I develop my own ways of moving through the town, possibly because of everyday life and its routines. When I take up my camera again for a stroll through the place that I now know better, I see and experience my town walk from new points of view through the camera and the frame of the camera that encloses the images.

Arriving in Stendal, I was drifting through town, wandering through it without aim, and I took note about what stood out to me in its townscape: the town center is surrounded by a wall promenade that follows the former medieval town wall. The incorporated parts of the town and villages are connected to the town center by four public bus lines. From the start, I was carrying a town map with me. Those five town routes stand out on it like a line network.

During my stay in Stendal from August to October, the late summer light reflected on the different coloured surfaces of the town houses in the center and its surrounding villages in a special way. I liked this atmosphere of light of late summer a lot, and I wanted to capture its play with the nuances of different colours in a photographic way. So I decided to follow five city walks (A walk along the wall promenade, the bus lines 901/902 Hauptbahnhof-Galgenberg, 903 Hauptbahnhof-Borstel, 904 Hauptbahnhof-Stendal-Ost and 905/6 Hauptbahnhof-Röxe-Hanseallee-Altmark-Park). With a 35mm camera (analogue), I applied multiple, long time and overexposure to achieve abstract colour paintings so I could create atmospheres of colour that visualize that special late summer light, which stood out to me in Stendal so uniquely.

Grant of the Künstlerstipendium der Hansestadt Stendal, Volksbank und H. und H.
"Exhibited in the Kunstkabinett Stendal in October 2019“
Kunstsammlung der Hansestadt Stendal