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PAPERSKY, 2011/04/22


Today is the 13th of March- 2 days after the earthquake in the north of Japan. I am in Tokyo and my every day lifes goes on. We know there is a danger from the nuclear power plants. There are quakes all the time. But life goes and our every day life continues though. Absurd the reality you see in the news – the reality you experience yourself around you. Is this the same country or city? My family and my friends who watch the news in Europe told me I was in such a danger. But me, I am in my ever loved neighbourhood Sangenjaya and I feel no danger for me as it is my home. I decided to walk around on my usual walk around the neighbourhood to observe how my neighbourhood looks like two days after the earthquake, the tsunami and the explosion at the nuclear power plant- two days after. It is one day before White Day- all the girls receive a present by their boyfriends (as on valentine’s day the boys already received their present) There was a third explosion at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and the same night after discussing the topic until 5 am with my family and friends I decided to leave for Thailand for some days till the situation calmed down, I was scared but I don’t know if I was scared of what my friends and family told me or about the real facts. I couldn’t tell anymore what is true.