the beauty of the lingering death

"The beauty of the lingering death", deals with the idea of the “to be fallen out of time”, the state, where time seems to no longer exist, by the dissolution of the space, under water: water and light. Underwater, I look from underwater into the light of the sun, and look at what effect and which atmospheres result in the play of water with the light: I feel a wave, and it presses me under water as a similar effect to the white out, I lose my sense of orientation and, slight panic seizes me, which is naturally enhanced by the lack of air. To be "underwater" in its visuality is both for me, the beginning of life and death. We are born and come out of the water. When we die, our body dissolves, and is distributed by the water. To this extent, it begins in the water and ends in the water. This hovering under water in his visuality carries a moment of "be out of time" for me. Follow I Roland Barthes in the nature of the photograph, which reminds me every photo of my own death, by the suggestion, which as well as everything passes, my own being will pass away, I would extend this idea in this series by that also a state of the floating death in which the photograph reminds me, for even death is not self-contained, if I follow the assumption from Buddhismus, which every moment is reborn in itself, the photograph shows me what has been , also at the same time, the again recurring. In the following experiment I try to visualize this by the photographs under water in the sun.

Ph.D. artistic research project at the Kunstuniversität Linz, 2014-2019